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Daikin Range of Products

Ducted/Non Ducted Splits

R-410A Duct Connection Middle Static Pressure Type

Daikin ac chennaiFlexible use of space is made possible using duct to create a room filled with comfort.

Models : FBQ71D, FBQ100D, FBQ125D, FBQ140D

Ceiling Mounted Built-In-Type(Cooling Only)

air conditioners repairs and services chennai Separable air discharge unit to fit differently shaped spaces.

Models : FHB35, FHB45, FHB60 / FHYB71, FHYB100, FHYB125

Duct Connection (High Static Pressure Type FD)


hvac solutions chennaiSuperior air distribution for comfortable living
The conditioned air can be effectively distributed to every corner of the room through the ducting and this realise a more pleasant environment for comfort living.

Compact design of built-in type helps blend with interior decor.
Indoor models are designed with compact size with twin coil structure. This design is able to provide some saving in space for installation.

Models : FD75CV1M, FD100CV1M, FD125BY1M, FD150BAY1M, FD200B2Y1M, FD250B2Y1M FD300B2Y1M, FD350B3Y1M, FD400B4Y1M, FD450B3Y1M, FD500B4Y1M, FD600B4Y1M

VRV Airconditioning Systems

VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume)

mitsubishi ac chennaiVRV is the latest and most revolutionary technologies used for large sized buildings.

The system offers large outdoor capacities, greater energy savings, easier installation, longer actual and total piping, and more.

VRV III-S Air-conditioning System

solar energy chennaiOutdoor Units
5S + 2E Concept :

» Space Saving
» Sufficient Capacity
» Slim Design
» Sound Reduced Operation
» Single Phase Power supply
» Easy Maintenance
» Easy Installation
» Application : Residence & Small Offices
» Range : 4, 5 & 6 HP

Ceiling Mounted Cassette (Round Flow ) Type

solar power plant chennai

» Quiet Sound level :  As low as 27 dB(A)
» Range :  0.8 TR to 4.1 TR
» Round Flow :  Industry's first 360o airflow ensures uniform airflow distribution
» Multi-flow system :  Different flow direction can be selected according to installation
» Inbuilt Drain Pump :  Water lift-up mechanism upto 850mm
» Air-Purifying Filter :  With anti-mould and anti- bacterial treatment

Models : FXFQ25, FXFQ32, FXFQ40, FXFQ50, FXFQ63, FXFQ80, FXFQ100, FXFQ125